Poverty Is Not A Creation of God

If there is a God, then there is no poverty. If there is God, then nobody dies of hunger.  ….” Duterte said.

We do not have a problem with, and about God.

If you believe in God and because of that belief you find ways to fulfill the commandment to love your neighbor, that is a fulfillment of a religious commitment.
If you do not believe in God introduced according to the standards and deception of the colonizers, the exploiters, and oppressors, that is wise. If you do not believe in such a God, and yet you strive to love your neighbor as you see them as your brothers and sisters, that is noble.

If you believe in God who blesses you with super profits by exploiting the workers, and out of their sweat and blood you do not justly compensate them, that is a false religiosity.
If you do not believe in God who is defined by patriarchy, misogynist theologies, and feudal-elite systems, that is clever.
If you believe in God who sides with the poor and works for the emancipation and liberation of the oppressed, that makes sense.

Pres. Duterte must not blame God for poverty. Poverty is a creation of a
a human system that is founded in the violence of injustice, exploitation, and oppression. He should know that his economic policies are geared towards the further enrichment of the elite who are already scandalously flaunting their wealth. He should know that his economic policies are not helping the poor but rather makes poverty not only glaringly visible, and the poor continue to live miserably. He must know that the bureaucrat capitalists are so much addicted to power that they plunder the people and our natural resources with their corrupt and evil ways. That makes poverty, and God has nothing to do with it.

The problem with Duterte with his Tokhang Project also known as so-called  War on Drugs is that the targets are the poor who are victims of state neglect and state violence. They live in misery and poverty and out of the depth of their miseries, they become an easy target of killings. They who have nothing except their dreams for better lives become the favorite target of the war on drugs. The poor live in poverty. God is not to blame. They were killed by men in uniform, by men riding in tandem, by men in their bonnet and mask. They were killed with impunity. The complexities of our social ills and injustices are not to be oversimplified by blaming God.

Unfortunately, Duterte has not proven himself to be the champion of the poor and failed to make this government good enough for the people. God is not to blame.
Learn to do right. See that justice is done — help those who are oppressed, give orphans their rights, and defend widows. (Isaiah 1:17) ##


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